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Software Generates Interactive PCB Diagrams From KiCAD

Almost everybody likes good pinout diagrams, however the extra pins and features are concerned, the extra cluttered and fewer helpful the diagram turns into. To deal with this, [Jan Mrázek] created Pinion, a tool to help generate interactive diagrams from KiCad design files.

The result’s an interactive diagram that may be considered in any net browser. Hovering over a pin or pad highlights these alerts with a callout for the title, and clicking makes it keep highlighted for simpler reference. Additional info could be as detailed or as temporary as wanted.

Curiously, Pinion isn’t an online service that depends on any sort of backend. The diagrams are static HTML and JavaScript solely, simply included in net pages or embedded in GitHub documentation.

In case you assume Pinion seems a bit acquainted, you’re probably remembering that we covered [Jan]’s much earlier PcbDraw tool, which turned KiCad board recordsdata into SVG renderings however had no capacity so as to add labels or interactivity. Pinion is an evolution of that earlier thought, and its diagrams are capable of act as each documentation and interactive reference, with no reliance on any sort of exterior service.

? Pinion has a full tutorial and demo and a rising library of components, so test it out.

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